What is Lake County Life? Well, it’s all of the things that make Lake County, Illinois special. It’s our natural beauty, our schools and businesses, the active and healthy people who live, work, and play here, and so much more. Lake County leaders and community partners have collaborated to develop this website and video to promote Lake County’s many benefits. Let us know what you think!

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My favorite thing about Lake County is how we share a smile, and come together as a community.

- Holly

My favorite thing about Lake County is the family friendly environment and for the large church family we have that brings people from all over the county. Here my family is enjoying Torch Church in Grayslake.

- Chelsea

Favorite thing about Lake County is the forest preserves especially the Hastings Lake Park and walking trails.

- Nicole

Joining the army at the round lake army recruiting office.

- Shauna

My favorite thing about life in Lake County Il goes to the Parks. I enjoy everyone of them including my favorite park Independence Grove in Libertyville. This park is pure beauty and my home away from home. Thank You for making my life better Lake County.

- Paula

My favorite thing about life in Lake County is living so close to Illinois Beach State Park! My daughter loves going to the beach and it's a fun family thing for us to do together!

- Kayla

The acres of forest preserves for running, kayaking, walking the dog, biking, and just enjoying the view!

- Katie

Big time fun; small town feel.

- Bethany

Our Favorite Thing about life in Lake County...what we're named for THE LAKES! All the natural beauty of our county invites us to jump right in and enjoy the fun!

- Elizabeth

My favorite thing about living in Lake County is the Chain O'Lakes.

- Julie

My favorite thing about living in Lake County is how many parks there are for me and my girls to traverse together.

- Rachel

We LOVE the Heron rookery at Fox River Forest Preserve: over a hundred nests.

- Sarah

My favorite thing about life in Lake County is the best dog parks in the country.

- Brian

Summers in Lake County mean little league baseball! And doing anything and everything outdoors! That and being right on Lake Michigan, and right smack dab between two major metropolitan areas are why life in Lake County is great!

- Justin

Watching a beautiful sunset at the end of a great day in Lake County!

- Juan

Lake County's 550 miles of magnificent bike trails are captivating for all ages!

- Annette

My family and I enjoy walking around the different forest Preserves. This specific forest preserve is Van Patten Woods Forest Preserve. You see different birds, people, dogs, and even horses. It is a great experience especially for children.

- Cassandra

My favorite thing about life in Lake County is spending time at Independence Grove. We love to walk around the lake, and visit the park. As you can see we are all comfortable there!

- Christine

Lake County is a mosaic of hard working people and professionals who complement each others' talents and abilities. It is a great place to live; and no one needs to travel beyond the borders to find any time of entertainment, restaurants and services.

- Arnie

Life in Lake County is a SUPER mix of the modern thrills of Six Flags and the tranquil thrills of the beautiful forest preserves!

- Cynthia

The Haranimals FAVORITE thing about Lake County is exploring the miles and miles of NATURAL BEAUTY!

- Mike

"Chain" of lakes... great fishing, boating, concerts and restaurants.

- Tony

Watching the sun rise over Lake Linden is my favorite because it is so peaceful.

- Lara

I love the Lake County Forest Preserves! This photo was taken standing in my backyard overlooking the Fourth Lake Fen, (in Lindenhurst.)

- Elizabeth

The four seasons is what I love about Lake County and what keeps me here. With every season there is so many activities to do and places to go. I've lived here my whole life and will never leave. Dog parks, beaches, parks, trails, restaurants, and tons of shopping. Love Lake County!

- Jan

My Favorite thing about life in Lake County is the change of seasons. We have every temperature and beautiful landscapes that change year round.

- Alice

Demonstrates the beautiful scenery and peacefulness of Lake County.

- Janette

Have you ever seen a kid this relaxed!?

- Candice

Lake County is a great place to raise a family.

- Carroll

Going for walks in the forest Preserves with my friend.

- Gloria

Lake County has many free events for all families! Which is great, especially when you're on a tight budget! We know that we can always find something fun for the whole family to enjoy! Thanks, Lake County!!

- Alheli

My favorite part of Lake County, ironically, is the enchanting lakes one can boat on that reflect the beauty of life in Lake County.

- Robert

All the excellent events we have! I moved back here from Vegas because this is the place I wanted my kids to grow up!!

- Jessi

Hello! I am a humble resident of the city of Waukegan, Lake County for 12 years now. For me the BEST ASPECT of living in Lake County is its Crystal Clear Pure WATER! ...

- Rafiq
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